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Boon Noon Thai brings authentic Thai cuisine to the heart of London. Our simple yet diverse and flavoured menu has something for everyone, from mild to hot, vegetarian to meat dishes. One of the key ingredients in our food is fresh herbs and spices such as lemongrass, chillies, and galangal, which are not only flavourful but also good for your health.
WE LOVE TO COOK AND WE LOVE PEOPLE! Hospitality is at the heart of what we do and we are passionate about it. We create an environment which is welcoming, relaxed and friendly.

With a love of Thai culture and food, Boon Noon Thai brings an authentic Thai experience to its customers through traditional Thai recipes, friendly staff, warm atmosphere and rustic contemporary décor. We take pride in working towards delivering the best culinary experience to our customers. We are foodies! All our staff have a passion for great food, travelling the world and sampling different cuisines from all different parts of the world.

Boon Noon Thai Restaurant location and atmosphere caters to all diners, where friends can relax and enjoy an evening meal, where families get together for Sunday lunch or Dinner, and where business friends and clients can hold a professional business lunch meeting. That hospitality is at our heart and we very passionate about it.

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Our restaurant is located in Harringay, North London, 5 mins walking distance from Manor House (tube station) and a few minutes walk from Harringay Green Lanes Overground.

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